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A Luxury Spa Experience


We believe a spa should do more than just pamper your body.

It should restore your sense of well-being, soothe away the cares and stress of a busy lifestyle and provide a total renewal of self. It should be an experience that you will keep in your favorite memories for years to come. From traditional Swedish massage to Reflexology, Aromatherapy and more, our essence spa has a bounty of bliss in store for you.

Swedish Massage
This classic massage technique uses long, fluid strokes to manipulate the muscles. This method not only offers specific therapeutic benefits, but also affects other, non-muscular aspects of the body, such as nerves and glands. The result is improved circulation and overall relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage
This customized massage will focus attention on specific areas of your body. Your therapist will massage muscles with firm, deep strokes, easing muscle tension and restoring balance.

Rain Drop
A specialized treatment with focused attention on the head, neck, shoulders, back and hips. A combination of essential oils are “dropped” and massaged into these areas to relieve tension and remove toxins from the body. Try it once and you’ll be a fan for life!

Hot Stone Massage
There is nothing like it! In this technique a highly trained therapist uses heated stones to warm your muscles and relieve tension. Accompanied by traditional massage, our hot stone treatment will have you in a totally relaxed state of being. Bliss!

Bella’s Best – Sea Salt Citrus Scrub Delight

A luscious, skin nourishing organic blend of mineral rich Dead Sea salts combined with moisturizing and revitalizing oils of grape seed, avocado, soy, grapefruit, lime and Mandarin orange plus vitamins A, C, B and E. The yummy citrus scent will restore your spirit while the scrub gently exfoliates and nourishes your skin. Finish with a mineral water rinse and a moisturizing massage. Not to be missed!

Combination Massage
Our most popular! Your spa tech will employ two different massage techniques to help relieve tension throughout your body and giving extra focus on areas of stress you particularly wish to have tended to. It’s ok, you can fall asleep when you’re done!

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage
Athletes and chronic pain sufferers will benefit from this intense massage that focuses on improved circulation, the breakdown of scar tissue and provides profound release and realignment in the body.

Couples Massage
Pamper and restore together with a side by side combination massage for two with a therapist for each of you. Experience the sensation of a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with your special someone, family or friend. Enjoy!

Lomi Lomi
A Hawaiian style massage, developed in Polynesia, which has folks raving about it. Your spa tech will utilize specific techniques to soothe, and revitalize while adjusting the pressure to your individual liking. Fantastic!

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